N.E.S.W.'s Melbourne based service and maintenance division is equipped with a team of experienced, factory trained electrical and mechanical technicians who specialise in all aspects of crane installation, maintenance and repair. We are able to service cranes of all sizes, types and brands within the Melbourne metropolitan and also Victorian regional area. No crane or business is too small or too large.

At N.E.S.W. we are fully aware of the reliance on cranes within today's industry and appreciate that when cranes stop, fabrication, manufacture and production stops, severely affecting a company's production schedule and profitability.

To help alleviate this we have a team of fast mobile response units on call 24/7 that can promptly solve your problems and enable you to get back up to speed and back in production in the shortest time possible. In addition if required they also have direct access to a vast selection of OEM spare parts, technical library and a fully equipped workshop. All of our service staff are kept up to date with ongoing technical and safety training covering new and current products, technologies and equipment. As well as being responsible for the continuous uninterrupted operation of countless cranes throughout Victoria we also engineer, and perform modifications and upgrades to existing equipment.

In addition to breakdown repairs, we are also able to offer regular preventative maintenance and service programmes. Preventative Maintenance is necessary to ensure equipment is operating in a safe and efficient manner and is also important in avoiding costly unscheduled breakdowns, identifying developing conditions, whilst increasing crane reliability and availability.

Australian crane codes require that cranes of all sizes are regularly inspected and maintained. Our inspections and maintenance can save you production downtime when developing conditions are identified and dealt with in a managed and timely manner.

N.E.S.W. Cranes strongly recommends that as a minimum your overhead cranes be serviced at regular quarterly intervals (every 12 weeks) in accordance with AS2550.3 Section 7.2.2.

We have a computer managed servicing system that alerts us when your crane is due for a particular service. This allows us to contact you in advance and inform you of the impending need for the service. We will then work with you in organising such work in a timely, cost effective manner, thus reducing the down time of your production. Should any components of the crane be found to be faulty or require replacing, a fully itemised quote will be supplied to you prior to any work being undertaken. In addition to the cost and production benefits that regular preventative maintenance provides you, you can also rest assured that your service obligations under the Australian crane codes are being fulfilled.

Servicing can also be scheduled out of hours, dependant on the needs of your company. Should you require more information we would be happy to talk further about your on-going crane servicing and maintenance needs. We look forward to taking care of your valuable investment.